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As a member of the voit Influencer Program, you are a content creator who provides promotional contents to inspire your audience via social media. Providation of trendy content after enrolling helps you monetise content.

There are multiple ways you can earn.
◦ You can monetize your social media content by sharing your account URL.
◦ We may also surface your content you have posted to your storefront to our social media pages allowing you to grow your followers and earn from new customers.
◦ After posting , wallet cash reaches your account. More content = more rewards.

We accept applications from all types of influencers, provided you have atleast a YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Moj account or TikTok account. When reviewing your application, we go through some engagement metrics, including followers, insight information, etc.

◦ You can start earning commission when your followers make qualifying purchases via your voit storefront links. The amount you earn is based on the products sold.
◦ The amount paid in the wallet cash.

Yes, you must use the VOIT.IN’s logo in your content. It is a must to reference VOIT.IN in your content, you should use the written text “VOIT.IN”, or one of the approved banners available underneath. Make sure to comply with our trademark guidelines when using any of the approved banners. For example, you should not make any changes (such as the color) to the banners, and only use them when you are including a VOIT.IN promotional details in your content.

Under influencer program the influencers cannot return or exchange the products once they ordered them